Brook Roberts Hosting World’s Toughest Race, Baja 1000 2013

As a reporter since the ripe old age of  19, I’ve covered everything from NASCAR to fish hatcheries in Brazil. This time around I’m heading to  Mexico’s Baja California Penninsula to cover the Baja 1000 and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement and slight jitters. As I write this, I realize I haven’t stepped out of my comfort zone as a reporter in a long time. I know VERY little about this off-road race that attracts thousands of people from all over the world annually. I’ve scoured the net and even watched the only documentary ever created about the race and saw instantly the heart and soul of one of the most INTENSE races I’ve ever come across and let’s not forget……this is coming from the girl that raced around the world on season 17 of CBS’s Amazing Race. This race puts anything I’ve ever done to shame.

If you want to get a pulse on what’s about to happen at the Baja 1000, simply watch the documentary, Dust to Glory. I will be there to give you a play-by-play from an amateur’s voice. One thing I’m certain of, is that I’m about to be very moved and inspired by the guts, perseverance,  dedication and sheer grit of these racers. I’ve always enjoyed watching people push their limits in ways many of us could never imagine, to see them cross that finish line will be a glorious moment for us all!

Dust to  Glory Trailer